Vision Mfg. Is the manufacturing arm of Underwater Video Vault, an O.E.M. builder of underwater video enclosures. for sub-sea and top water applications. Our experience of 20+ years of static and dynamic seals, in high pressures was our specific niche. We then established ourselves in the commercial broadcast arena, The pinnacle of which was the 1996 Olympic Games. Since then, we have grown into th contract machine market. Our capabilites have grown with our ever expanding customer base.
We now service Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Medical, Computer, Cellular, and Broadcast industries.
We have just completed our second bi-annual audit of our company according to our quality system, The newly established Q.C. manual has led to greater performance and production goals as we strive to continually improve ourselves.
Our mission statement is a simple one: To provide the highest quality components, while giving the customer exemplary service at a competitive price.

  We are experienced in machining a variety of materials including:

Carbon steel




We will be happy to look at any design or machine work you need done. Feel free to inquire either through phone, fax or email. We will respond promptly!

Thank you for your interest,
Vision mfg.